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February Weather Recap

Despite typically being one of our snowiest months of the year, we only received 4.9” of recordable snow at MSP Airport this February. This is a 2.8” departure from normal putting us 16.4” behind normal for this snow season. Thanks to a few warm days early in the month, our snow cover was minimal. Similar to January, despite not receiving very many total inches of snow, we did receive at least a trace of snow 13 of the 28 days.

The story this winter continues to be lower temperatures and higher wind speeds. Throughout the month the average temperature was 11.2 degrees which is 9.7 degrees below normal. Contributing to the arctic feel, half of the day’s average wind speeds were over 10 mph and there were at least two occasions with gusts over 40 mph.

Models are showing that the beginning of March is likely to bring some moisture in the form of snow, but later in the month we should be getting rain.

Winter Field
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