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January Snow Recap

Throughout the month of January we officially received 5.4” at MSP Airport which is 6.8” below the average. This is however, not that unusual as the Month of January has been below average two out of the last three years. What is unusual this year in comparison to past years is that our snow depth has completely melted away twice. In comparison, last year the snow that fell in December (2013) did not melt away until late March (2014). Although the total inches did not add up, it is important to note that 12 of the 31 days in the month did received at least a trace of snow.

This year’s temperatures did trend slightly warmer than average with twelve days above freezing and two days with high’s in the 40’s.

If you enjoy winter and snow sports, do not panic yet. February has been the snowiest month four out of the last five years.

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