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Snow & Ice Management 


MSP Outdoor Services offers snow removal and ice control services with various sized trucks and equipment and experienced operators. We also have equipment, such as tractors and dump trucks, available for removal of or stockpiling of snow. Ice control is accomplished through the spreading of deicing agents from truck mounted spreaders. Sidewalk services are available as well with various options for ice control and methods of removal.  

Our Services include:

  • Commercial Snow Plowing

  • Commercial De-icing

  • Sidewalk Shoveling

  • Sidewalk De-icing

  • Snow Relocation

  • Offsite Hauling

  • Anti-icing

  • Event Strategy Communication

Why MSP – Our snow experts will ensure that safety is the number one priority throughout the winter months.  We can custom design our services to help align your property needs with your budget requirements without increasing liability.  Our proactive communication will keep you up to date with your site conditions and snow and ice management plan.

“I wasn’t expecting you to answer your phone last night, but I am glad you did.  Thank you for sending the guys out first thing this morning, they did exactly what we talked about and the tenants were able to open their office on time despite the blizzard like conditions.”

 Tammy, Senior Property Manager

At MSP Outdoor Services we understand how vital it is to your property to have a service that is reliable, dependable, and timely. Through planning and proper timing of our services, we strive to reduce material usage while ensuring safety throughout the property.  We are committed to providing that level of service and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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